Posted 7 years ago

Completed Projects:

Fishbowl – Fishbowl is about a man and his fish. It explores the similarities between living in a fishbowl and real life.  It was created as a submission to the Nickel Film Festival in 2011.  It can be seen at or on IMDb

“Bounce” – “Bounce” is a short video about a fictional new sport with the same name. The video showcases some of the beautiful attractions around St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador.  The video can be seen at or on IMDb


Current Projects:

Cheesy B Zombie Film – Cheesy B is a cheezy B style film about a cheese shack employee that is camping the weekend that his company opens a new cheese shack in CBS, Newfoundland and Labrador and to celebrate the grand opeing they host a concert by the beach.  A series of cheesy events are kicked off as Steve buys cheese from a homeless man down by the river.

A teaser for this film can be seen on


Future projects:

Cod Trek

Newfoundland Bounty Hunter


Untitled Zombie Movie

Cyber Police

Sin John’s





Time Cap

Untitled Horror Movie

The Nickel


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